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23rd September 2008

9:09pm: It's been weird starting this season, but I think things are going very very well.  It's still strange to see this logo on my chest rather than the whale but the guys here have been great.  My knee still feels a bit tender here and there but much stronger than ever.  I'm just taking it easy on it for a bit during preseason but while I'm skating, it feels good.

the weirdest thing I think is that you don't sense the seasons like you do up north at home.  It still feels like summer down here and it never really felt like that for training camp in the past years.

Just more things to get used to I guess.

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10th August 2008

2:10am: Fishing is good. But then I never had a doubt.

I wonder if there are any good fishing places near Anaheim.  I guess I have time to figure that out as well.
Well soon eough anyways.

The summer never lasts long enough that's for sure.

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22nd June 2008

7:09pm: I was out fishing and didn't get the chance to say earlier but the thought of there being a Trevor Linden day just sounds great to me.  I have played with a lot of great players over the years but he is truly one of the greatest people I've ever met, on or off the ice.

Matt and I will probably go out on the boat, go further out and just have time together.  I'm still recovering but doing much better.  I'll just have to distract him out there so he does mind it all.

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13th April 2008

10:59pm: so that's that.  I need to get ready for surgery and whatever that entails.  I'm so damn tired of hospitals and stitches and.... yeah.

I just want to go to Washington, postpone surgery until much later.  Is that wrong?

yeah pity party for one, right here

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27th March 2008

7:03pm: FUCK!!

and no that's not in the good way either....
Current Mood: grumpy

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26th February 2008

10:17pm: Yeah, I really don't have anything to say.  Bert leaving was bad enough, but I felt bad for him and Markus.  This, I don't know what to do.

No offense if I'm just not myself for a bit okay?
I just.... we need time to get used to..... everything....
Current Mood: depressed

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7th January 2008

10:43pm: It's all fun and games until there's an itch around my elbow and this cast is over my whole arm.

Seriously, I think I might go insane.  Luckily I have someone who can distract me very very well.

It would be wrong to just cut this thing off now.
Wouldn't it?

No, really....

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28th October 2007

7:03pm: This is the part where I say something profound right.

Not. It's me after all *laughs*

I do love this time of year, the parties and the kids dressing up. Maybe we should dress up as naughty school kids again. That was a lot of fun. Not that we need costumes for that.... I'm just saying.

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2nd July 2007


I'm sorry as hell that we couldn't make it to Alex and Kevin's wedding but with both of us needing walkers to just get around.... okay it's not that bad but still.  I hated missing it. 
Congrats you guys. I hope you have many, many happy years together.

Let's see.... PT is going well.  Lots of time with Cookie too, which I will never ever complain about.  It's all good.  Can't wait of course to get back out fishing.  All this great weather, going to waste lol

Good thing I'm creative and can find OTHER things to do with my time.

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13th May 2007

8:39pm: The highs and lows are always so crazy. I played hard and tried not to worry about Matt.

Was I devestated at the end of the season? Hell yes.  We all thought things would turn out so different, thought that this. was. it.  But if there's something predictable about the playoffs, it's that they're unpredictable.

We'll take it easy for a bit, let Matt rest up and heal completely.  But then I think we'll have to get the boat out of the boathouse and take it out on the water.  Go fishing... and stuff.... because stuff is always good.

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7th April 2007

1:02pm: Well here we are, down to the end of the season and we at the top of the division and going to the play offs. That's the best news we've heard in a while I have to say *laughs* Last home game the other night and it was fun as always with all the fans and all.

And maybe it hasn't set in really or it's just been so long but Ironman Morrison, it has a nice ring, I just don't think about it a lot, certainly not as much as the papers have been.

Just been busy around here as always. Braeden has started skating a lot more and is having fun. Though when asked who his favourite player to watch, he said Matt Cooke. Yeah we might have to have a chat there Cookie *grins*

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18th February 2007

5:05pm: The sun came out the other day. You know what that means? Soon it will be spring and I can get the boat out and go fishing *laughs* Not that I'm single minded or anything.

Okay well I am but not for that but for things name C-O-O-K-I-E

Dice and Ice was fun again. We did miss Berty's antics at the black jack table though. But we did have a good time. Burr, Danny and Marc stole the show though. That was awesome!

Chicago was a good game but tonight it's the Avs and at home and those are always intense games.

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15th January 2007

3:01pm: Ask me 6 questions no matter how personal, private or random, I have to answer them honestly. In turn, you MUST post this message in your own journal.

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10th January 2007

10:26pm: I don't like that we got robbed of seeing Berty. I miss him. I wanted to hang out and play poker. Seriously dude, I hope you feel better and soon. Markus will worry less. Okay maybe. We all know how he is.

It's winter yes but I'm not so much a fan all the snow because the boat is stuck in the boathouse. What kind of place is that for it to be? *sigh* oh well I'll just have to find OTHER things to do with the snow all around.


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28th October 2006

8:39am: I'm playing good I think. Definitely playing hard. But I feel good. My hip and stomach are a bit sore after the games but I think it's just playing and not being hurt or sore like that. It's a good feeling. *laughs* How many times have I said good?

I wish it wasn't so rainy and cold. I would've liked to get the boat out one more time but I think it's time to put it away for winter.

But I think I'll go now. I feel like cookies and milk and cuddling. Lots of that.

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20th August 2006

2:37pm: Things have been a whirlwind as of late. Hawaii was amazing. Thank you baby for taking me; it was just what I needed. And then he came with me to Michigan for the reunion and game. I was a bit worried, getting back on the ice in a game situation but, seriously, I felt great. Plus it was just good to see all the guys again too.

And then, my birthday. Cookie had something planned I knew it but it was abetter than I could have hoped for and no matter what he says, I know Nazzy knew Bert was going to be there. Thank you all, Nazzy and Bert, Dany and Trev, Daniel and Henrik, and especially Cookie, for being there at dinner with me. It was great!

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21st July 2006

7:10am: I don't even know what to think about some things anymore. Auldy, Bryan and geezus Todd... good luck down there... Roots you have fun in Pittsburgh... DanyBoy don't get too startstruck in L.A. *laughs* I know I'm missing people and I suck but it's freakin' early. You know I'll miss you all and wish you good luck.

PT is going pretty well. I'm not really in pain and I don't have a limp at all. But I feel that my mobility and flexibility aren't quite there and I feel stiff at times. I've been off those damn crutches for almost a month and have a strict schedule of rehab three hours a day, five days a week -- cycling, StairMaster and swimming -- to prep for September training. There is still stuff to work on, i'm not there yet but I'm getting pretty good at the agility drills and keep seeing good things each day. Plus I still have almost 2 months. I'll get there.

And it's nice to have the boat I must say, taking it out for a while just to relax, definitely a good thing.

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5th June 2006

12:14am: Well surgery went pretty well. Now just so damn sore and I can barely stand up on my own. Luckily I don't mind being waited on hand and foot. *gg* I do miss fishing though. I'm glad me and Cookie took the boat out when we did, but we're finding other things to occupy our time... even if he does like fishing with me


Just gotta work now, get better, rehab well and I'll be ready to go before you know it.

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4th May 2006

7:02am: It's kind of special, getting the last goal of the season. I just wish it had meant something more than a goal in a game. I keep seeing it in my sleep now, wondering if it was the last goal I'll have as a Canuck.

I don't want to go but I just can't igmore all the stuff said around here from people and from the media.

Matt and I are going to take a trip or something. Maybe grab the boat and go out for a few days on the water. He's still recuperating so a few days would do us both good.

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26th March 2006

1:28pm: Do you know, I think Kes is trying to take my job? Seriously, kneedling his way up with Markus and Bert, it's true.


I'm so just kidding little Kes *grin* You guys are doing really great and this just means I get to play with Matt. And I will always be a fan of that my friends. And I swear we didn't keep planning on spending time in the penalty box together. You really think we would do something 'wrong' in the box? Us?


ah never mind... *grin*

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27th February 2006

11:04pm: You know what is really great? Cookies in bed. With milk.

Yeah, that's all I have.

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1st February 2006

12:40am: I swear I am going to make Crow keep Cookie out of practice from now on. He has the worst luck I swear. *pets* What's worse is that I hate going on rad trips without him too. At least we got the wins; it was really important to all of us to be playing well.

I just hope he gets himself better soon.

See you soon Matt.

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10th January 2006

11:49pm: Hockey Day in Canada was amazing. It was the coolest thing being able to share that with Grandma, Mom and the kids. They were so excited. *laughs* And so were the kids too.

After Hours was a lot of fun *rolls eyes* Nothing like have your mom and grandmother there to embarass you in front of the cameras. *grins*

Plus we're played two great games now; I don't think any of us are disappointed by them. Godo to see that Alex didn't get too hurt in that hit.

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25th December 2005

3:40am: Best time of the year. Why? do you ask? Lots and lots of COOKIES!!!
*laughs* not that I don't get the best kind ever all year long and get them to myself too. I'm greedy like that you know.

If it wasn't so cold, I really wanted to go on a cruise around the harbour, if nothing else, just to look at all the lights. yeah yeah, I'm a big dork. :)

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21st November 2005

11:21pm: I know I shouldn't be upset but the lack of goals is starting to frustrate me. I know they'll come and it'll be fine but I can't help how I feel either. Matt tried to be a comfort and he is, but I miss him just talking to me and letting me vent. Talking, yeah not so easy for him right now.

Honestly I don't know why I'm complaining. I'll just be over.... here.....

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16th October 2005

9:52pm: It's amazing how quickly we all fall back into just how close this team is. Even with the new guys and missing some others, the core of who we are is still there. It's really great. And really, I'm happy as long as I have the cutest smile Cookie to spend lots and lots of time with.

And dude, we fucking won! Time for celebration!!

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25th September 2005

5:00pm: I knew it would happen, that he would play and I was right. The season just got that much better now that my Cookie is here.

Yeah... that's pretty much all I have at the moment. It makes me happy. Plus Bertie is here and that's an awesome thing too.

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27th July 2005

2:49am: Did finally manage to get Cookie out on the boat for actual fishing. Don't listen to him, he does like to fish, even if he really will deny it most of the time. We had a great boat and so much room, and it was yeah, just nice and relaxing.

We didn't hear a lot of the news until we returned. Shocked comes to mind but it will be good play again with the team.

Spent a couple of day with Trent while we wereout too. It's was so good to see him.. SOmetimes it's still hard seeing him, knowing what hw's having to deal with but he's my friend, I'll be around for him too.

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30th June 2005

9:31pm: Everyone keeps saying how sorry they are that I wasn't really invited. But really guys it's okay. As much fun as it would be to play for Canada again, I really am happy to just watch my friends play for the country.

To just stay home and relax for a while, especially if/when we start playing again.

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12:42am: Summer in the city is always a good thing. There are good things and there are bad things. The bad things, while not my fault completely, I still can't help but feel guilty over. I hate to see friends hurt and or upset, and especially not those that I really really care about.

Matt and I, well if it's possible that we're closer, we are. Something has changed, but completely for the better. It's really nice.

There's a pretty big party happening around for Canada Day. I think we'll probably go out and do something. It could be a lot of fun.
Current Mood: cheerful

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